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Quotation Manager

This is a presentation/quotation made with our Quotation Manager

The interface of the quotation Manager:

Briefly outlined here, are the main functions of the Quotation Manager. The sample image is a typical view of a quotation page. Each section is explained in the numbered descriptions below.

  • 1) Included meals for the day: (B)reakfast, (L)unch, (D)inner.
  • 2) Title and description of the day’s itinerary.
  • 3) Customer ID, name of guest and email address. Here, you will also see whether it is a direct customer or through another travel agency.
  • 4) Quotation ID and version, start and end date, and the trip duration. If the first version of the quote is not approved or needs certain adjustment, you can save a new version then apply your revisions.
  • 5) You can add up to 15 different services per day. Each is displayed with unique and easy-to-remember icons (click here for the icons). The services can be set to visible/invisible (in the quote) for the guest.

    R24k Travel Manager Icons

  • 6) This feature is an option to add two extra hotels. It can be used for large groups, or perhaps used to provide a different hotel for the tour guide or other staff.
  • 7) You can add up to three images per day. These enhance the appearance of the guest’s quotation.
  • 8) This section shows the number of guests included in the quote/itinerary. They are divided into adults, children and infants.
  • 9) Currency and Language. The system has over 20 default currencies you can send your quotes in. The invoice and communication languages can be set differently.
  • 10) This calculation overview can be sorted by day or description. All services added per day on the left appear here. There is an option to export the entire calculation to Excel. Profit, VAT, and commissions can be added above this.
  • 11) Total amounts in the set currency, and price per person.
Furthermore, you have the possibility to enter remarks concerning the quotation. The buttons are straightforward – SAVE (the quotation is saved automatically if you leave the quotation for 15 seconds)
– SAVE AND CLOSE: Save and close the quotation. Closing is necessary, so that another staff member has access to it. Only one staff member at a time can edit the quotation.
– CLONE: Clone this quotation for the same, or another customer.
– SAVE AS PACKAGE: Save this quotation as package, to re-use it easily for a next guest.
– IMPORT PACKAGE: Import an existing package in one or multiple days of this quotation.
– CREATE QUOTATION: This brings together all aspects and creates a complete quotation.