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Booking Manager

The Booking Manager consists of 7 main parts.

1) Booking Details

In Booking Details, you will find a complete overview of the quotation with icons used in the Quotation Manager. Each icon represents a service, accommodation, transportation, etc. Clicking on each icon directs you to a screen where you take care of necessary actions such as:

  • sending email for reservation request
  • creating reservation vouchers
  • enter the payment
  • change the status
Travel Manager booking details

2) Booking Data

  • In the Booking Data you can generate a booking contract to send to your guest if needed. Booking Contract templates are saved quickly and easily in the Settings section.
  • An Itinerary Creator automatically generates text from the system and gives you the option to add last minute notes before sending or printing them to/for your guest, travel agency partners or tour guide.
  • In Documents, there is the list of all generated PDFs such as vouchers, welcome signs, etc. Other relevant documents for the guest can be uploaded here and sent as attachments. Email messages can be sent directly through the system.
  • The last item on this page is the Welcome Sign Creator. This creates a greeting sign used to welcome the guests on arrival. Print them for your taxi/private car drivers or representatives tasked to pick your guest up at airports, bus stations, etc.
Travel Manager booking details

3) Booking Emails

This is a powerful feature of the Booking Manager. All your outgoing emails will be collected here. There is an option to connect the Travel Manager with your mail server, so that all incoming emails relating to this booking can be collected here too. This method makes all outgoing and incoming mails available to you in one simple overview. Attachments are stored separately and also displayed conveniently in a list.
R24k Booking Manager emails

4) Accounting

The accounting section is where your invoices are generated automatically, straight from the quotation. There is an option to add items to the invoice, or to issue a credit note. Incoming payments are shown in Receipts, while outgoing payments on a service are reflected in Expenditures.

Receipts as well as expenses can be entered in multiple currencies and the total will be converted in your base currency. Exchange rates are updated daily and you are able to set the percentage from the middle rate to be used in hte conversions.

booking manager accounting

5) Agenda

The agenda gives you an overview of the dates of your guests’ trips in a calendar format. The days where you have guests are highlighted.

When you hover over the day, the number of bookings pops up, by clicking on a day a summary showing all the guests you have that day appears. It will show where they are and other details or information.

The colors indicate the number of bookings for the day:

  • Green: 1-9 bookings
  • Yellow: 10-19 bookings
  • Red: 20+ bookings
booking manager accounting

6) Guest Board

The Guest Board provides an overview of your guests within a two-month period. Select the month and year from the dropdown menus. Hover over the ‘i’ to see the service inclusions on that day along with their statuses.

booking manager accounting

7) Action/Todo List

The last part of the Booking Manager is the Action/Todo list. This overview lists all bookings and it can be sorted according to any of the header titles – booking, name, service description, date, etc. It shows all the services, accommodations, etc. that need to be taken care of and the status of each, e.g., confirmed, paid, not needed.

booking manager accounting