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Cloud Based Software

The R24k Travel Manager has an easy-to-use English interface. All documents and communication with your customers can however be prepared in six languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish. The software can be accessed at anytime from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. Each of our clients gets their own dedicated and unlimited* server space in a datacenter as close as possible to their location.

*minimum server space is 50GB and this will be upgraded at no extra cost before your server reaches the limit!

Quotation Manager

Create quotations in no time! Store texts in the Text Manager, images in the Photo Manager, and you are ready to create quotes and itineraries quickly and easily. The Quotation Manager comes with a complete overview in one screen. The minimum recommended screen size is 1366 x 768px which is common to many minimal screen sizes. We are already developing a new version to interact perfectly on the iPad and similar screen sizes (1024x768px).

Integrated Packages

We have integrated a Package Manager in the Quotation Manager. This great system allows you to create and store packages which can be imported into quotations with just one click! Save all your default tours as a package, and they will be re-usable in future quotations whenever needed.

Text Manager

When using Text Manager, you can store texts in six languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish. Quotations can be completely generated in any one of these six languages. The translations of the documents that you are sending to your guests, are completely customisable to your wishes.

With just a few simple clicks you can organise all of your images, allocating them into different categories or giving them special keywords, making it quick and easy to locate them for future use at any time.
Organise them by:
  • City
  • Service
  • Category
  • Keyword or Supplier

Photo Manager

Booking Manager

Once a quotation is accepted, the booking will be sent to Booking Manager. In Booking Manager, you can quickly and easily book the services, hotels, transportation, etc. It also includes an agenda page, action/to-do list, email collection, invoice creator, voucher creator, and much more, all specially designed to help make the whole reservations process run smoothly.

Summary of Features

Quotation Manager

Fast and easy creation of professional quotations in multiple currencies and six languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish.

Booking Manager

Efficient way to manage your bookings complete with an invoice creator, to-do list and daily agenda tabs, an email collector, and accounting and guest board tabs.

Photo Manager

Organise your images into different categories or keywords so that they are easy to find when you need to import them to your documents.

Text Manager

Store texts in six different languages. Organize them according to different categories, suppliers, and/or cities.

Supplier and Guest pages

Store and update all of your supplier and guest data conveniently. It would look like the most complete address book you have ever had.

Setting Pages

Extensive, but easy to navigate Settings section. This part contains important settings and customised company details needed for your system to run efficiently.

Guest Access Pages

Your guests can view and download their quotations, invoices, vouchers in a personalised accessible page. They can open their beautifully customised page on their computer, tablet or phone. Quotations are responsive and look professional on a mobile device.

Daily Multiple Backups

Automated backup system for database as well as all your files. Database is scheduled for backup every four hours, and a complete backup of all your files twice per day. Schedule can be changed on request. Backups are stored on a different server.


The Reports section is simple and can be improved according to our customer’s needs and requests.


Regular updates and bug-fixes. Updates are done as per request and on times we agree on.

Quotation Views Map

On this page you’ll see the approximate locations of guests who opened quotations. You’ll also see if someone opened packages and quotations shared in Social Media.

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