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Beautifully Crafted Responsive Quotations

At R24k we are constantly trying to find new ways to improve the lives of travel agents, while enhancing the experience of their customers. With our now online quotation viewer we believe we have achieved exactly this. We provide you with a system that allows your customers to view all areas of the quotation process with a simple click of their mouse or tap on their screen.

A demo of these beautifully crafted quotations can be found here: Demo Quotation.

The quotations are perfectly styled on your desktop, laptop, on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

This state of the art system provides a slick and professional finish, allowing you to add personalised photos and information into each itinerary, tailoring specifically to each tour.

Your client is sure to find this system both stylish and professional, yet easy to navigate. Instead of separate printed itineraries and quotations, clients can access everything from one menu. The system provides both a simple daily overview, along with a detailed itinerary. Complete tour and hotel information and links can also be incorporated. This gives your customer all of the information they need as they navigate the site. The option for your clients to print out their quotes, itineraries and other documents you save on their access page should they desire so is also provided.

Besides the tour details, the terms and conditions, specific information and tour invoice are just a click away, meaning the whole quotations package is available in one easy to navigate page.

For the travel agent, a default email containing the quotation link containing all the above is automatically generated, ready to send in just one click. The R24k TM online quotation system combines all into one providing a more professional, modern and efficient take to quotations.

Contact Us for more information, or request a free trial. Thank you.