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Away From the Office? No Problem!

When you are running a travel agency, you might be often away from the office.

Whether you are visiting suppliers, negotiating new contracts or perhaps escorting a group yourself, we know how important it is to still be connected to the day to day operations of your business.

With the R24k Travel Manager this will always be possible. Wherever you have access to the internet (Wi-Fi/3-4G), our software will be available to you, allowing you to do whatever you would normally do in the office.

You can make quotations and reservations, coordinate a tour or prepare invoices wherever you can get online, whether it is at an airport, on a train or in a hotel room. The R24k Travel Manager software is available at all times, allowing you to remain fully focused on making your travel agency the best it can be.

Contact Us for more information, or request a free trial. Thank you.