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New Year – Exciting New Features

Before we close 2019, we want to say thank you once again to all of you. Throughout the year, we were able to add some new things to our R24k TM software, with your support.

For 2020, watch out once more for new buttons and exciting features to come on your screens!

The first half of 2020

From our very fat Wish List, we have set priorities. Many of these are upgrades to existing components. Below are examples of completely brand new features to come:

City Manager – we want our clients to be able to have more flexibility when adding new places or editing existing default towns/cities on their itinerary maps.

Agents – there will be a lot of exciting things you and your travel agent partners can look forward to when this new button is activated. Right now, you are able to send quotation links to your travel agent partners or give them log in access to online quotes and other documents which they can edit or personalise before sending to their guests. Soon, there will be a special “Agents” button for everything Travel Agency or Travel Agent.

Main screen, 2019
Main screen, 2020

As we are committed to do at R24k, we will continue to customise and enhance our products to best serve the needs of each and all of our valued users. Stay tuned for next year’s newest features.

From our team to yours, we wish you a cheerful, healthy, and productive new year!


R24k Team